Flowerage Hunt 2 - Informations

This is a hunt for everybody that loves flowers and love to be in touch with nature!

Hunt runs from 1 May to 31 May 2017

Hunt Cost: 1L

Application deadline: 24 April 2017

Theme: Flowers, floral patterns, colorful, joy, happiness, nature,... You can create anything you like :)

This hunt is for both in-world and marketplace stores.

Hunt Gifts: Female, Male and Unisex gifts. You are not required to create a gift for both male and female.

Hunt order: First slots are for Sponsors. All other stores will come next and will be placed according to the reception of the applications.

Sponsor fee is 200L. Sponsors can send notices though Gardenia Events groups. Also your store logo and slurl will be shown on our blog.

---------------------- RULES -------------------
★ Quality stores with content originally created by the owner (you can use fullperm stuff to create your things but the final result must be your creation. Ex. Your texture on a fulllperm outfit).

★ No business in a box, no freebies, no stolen content please.

★ Gift(s) can be exclusive or semi-exclusive (you can create a different color or texture to something you already are selling in your store) 

★ You have to rezz the hunt poster on your store and keep it there till the end of the hunt (this rule is for In-world stores only);

★ During the hunt you are required to be on - Gardenia Events - Designers group so you can keep up with all information about the hunt and better support.If you wish you can add an alt but please make sure to check the group notices;

★ You have to respect the timeline. If for some reason you can´t provide the hunt gift in time please let me know. All I ask for designers is to always tell me if they are having any issues so we can think of a solution. We all understand that RL sometimes is hard. I´m not here to complicate your life but to help.If you don´t answer my ims and notecards I´ll consider that somehow you are no longer interested in participating in the hunt.

★ Stores that applied as sponsors and don´t pay the fee will not be considered as sponsors and will be moved to the bottom of the list. As soon as you´ll be accepted we will provide you a notecard with all the instructions on how to proceed. If for any reason you don´t receive it please let me know.

★ Please keep the hunt gift until the last day of the hunt. and remove it the day after.

★ If for any reason you move the hunt object please send us the new hint so we can update it in the website

24 April - Application Deadline

25 April  - Limit day for Sponsors to pay  the 200L fee and send the Sponsor notecard to GardeniaEvents Resident

26 April - Last Pack  (please rezz the new hunt poster and hint giver at your store - IN-WORLD STORES only)

27 April - Last day for you to send the Hint & Picture notecard (this will be given in the first pack to give designers more time to have it ready. MARKETPLACE designers can fill only the gift picture if they want it to be shown on our website)

29 April  - Rezz, fill and hide the hunt object. No need to put it for sale for 1L as the script inside it already does it. (IN-WORLD STORES only).

29 April  - MARKETPLACE STORES: Place your hunt gift for sale for 0L and add the hunt poster to your gift picture.

01 May - Hunt Starts

31 May - Hunt Ends. Please remove the hunt object on the next day (01 June). I always ask to give all time zones residents the chance to get the gifts :)


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